Important Tips on how to attain Scuba Diving Certification.

Divers are left in awe at how much they can discover while scuba diving. There is so much discovery in the water masses that hasn’t yet been captured by the deep sea documentaries. In order to submerge oneself into the deep water masses, they should be armed with the right tools and the right skills. For safety purposes, marine laws require each person to acquire certification before undertaking any diving activity. Although the scuba diving course is a crash course, it arms the divers with the technique and safety procedures that are crucial while diving. The upside about this accreditation is that it is done once and it will be recognized for a lifetime. Nonetheless, the divers are expected to undergo a periodic medical test to ensure they continue to be fit for diving. The minimum age to venture into scuba diving is ten years old. This is a clear indication that an individual can pursue their diving passion from a tender age. This article will discuss important tips on how to attain scuba diving endorsement.

The scuba diving training course has three segments. The first phase is where a learner enrolls for the class and is taken through a theory class. There is so much to learn here including safety measure, and how to properly use and maintain diving gears. The diving instructors prefer that the students learn the theory segment at their own pace and get back to them for any clarification. When the learner is ready, they sit for a proficiency test. If the learner passes the examination, they are ready to go to the next phase of the course.

The first order of business in stage two class is to revise what was learned in the theory class. There is a very close link between the theory class and the practical lessons that commence in phase two class. The learner takes their first practical class under the supervision of their instructor. This lesson takes place in a confined water space such as a swimming pool. In this class, they are taught how to clean their mask and set their diving gear. Learners equally take practical safety lessons. This entails how to safely enter and exit the water body. This lesson is usually repeated severally until the learner is confident and ready to proceed to the next phase.

After qualifying in stage two, the students are now ready to dive in the deep, open waters. The deep waters consist of the ocean, lake, river or quarry waters. At this stage, the instructor will use four lessons to determine if the student is a competent diver. The role of the instructor during this dives is to ensure the learner is calm in the water, is breathing properly, and is constantly checking their gas gauge to ascertain the level of the gas. To begin with, divers are only allowed to dive a maximum of sixty feet. Once they are through with the fourth dive they are given their diving accreditation.

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